100% Non-Custodial

Your keys, your crypto.

Point of Sale

Enable your customers to pay in person using native crypto. Take advantage of existing smartphones and qr codes - no more expensive point of sale devices to license or manage.

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Supercart can scale to thousands of transactions per second that settle in realtime, on-chain. Widen your audience by reaching an entirely new generation of buyers who are web3-native. Futureproof your business now.

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Online Commerce

Plug Supercart into your existing online store and let customers pay you directly in crypto. Easily chose which products and currencies you want to enable. Get up and running in less than a day - no token conversions, swaps or hidden fees.

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Supercart is built around Peer-to-peer transactions (P2P) that reside on public, verifiable blockchains. Enjoy safe and secure transactions with low fees and instant settlement.

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How does it work?


Create a and enable the tokens you want to accept for payment.


During checkout, your customer pays securely via their preferred digital wallet.


Supercart verifies the payment on-chain and generates a customer receipt.


Optionally, Supercart can automate order flow data to your back office system.




For individual sellers, hobbyists and creators

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For multi-store/enterprise operators

  • Whitelabel branding
  • SSO/SAML Login
  • Custom tokens
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Checkout automation
  • Unlimited checkouts

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Plugs into ANY platform

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Questions from Shoppers:

No - because you sign and send the transaction on-chain using your own crypto wallet (typically a smartphone) which you have 100% control over. No crypto moves unless you explicity send payment using your own device biometrics.

No - Since payments are always direct and p2p, there is no smart contract risk or address mismatches - either the transaction gets approved or rejected by network consensus algorithms.

At your convenience, contact the merchant and arrange a return with their customer support team.

Yes - You will get a receipt and shipping notifications just like any typical checkout.

Both methods have their pros and cons but crypto payments are still considered a nascent technology. Unlike credit cards, crypto payments do not involve credit checks or suffer from identity theft - credit cards can be lost, stolen, denied or abused by a 3rd party.
Native p2p crypto transactions generally do not have these problems and are extremely efficient in terms of gas and execution time.

No - Supercart is a hybrid web2/web3 platform with no plans for a token.

Yes - generally it depends on where you are shopping from, where the business you are buying from is domicilced, and what their tax laws are in that jurisdiction

Questions from Merchants:

By allowing your customers to pay directly in crypto, you avoid many of the pitfalls of credit cards - chargebacks, fraud, identity theft etc. Additionally you save $ by not having to pay intermediaries or rent costly point of sale equipment.

Additionally, your business instantly becomes web3-enabled to an entirely new segment of customers.

No - unless they can hack the blockchain. All transactions have to exist on a public blockchain first, to even be considered for the set that relates to your business.

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Payments are always realtime settled and direct into your self-custody wallet. Best of all, you decide which tokens you want to accept and your customers pay in those tokens natively. No swaps or hidden fees.

If you lose your private key you can lose your crypto. Always use best practices when handling crypto including using a hardware wallet, backups of your private keys and exploring social recovery options.

As Supercart is a technology platform we do not deal with any type of fiat currency - we suggest getting an exchange account that supports fiat such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.

Since everything is on-chain, you'll know right away if the payment is valid as blockains benefit from instant settlement. We only support well known audited tokens that have deep liquidity and wide support. Additinally, there is no such thing as a chargeback in crypto - all sales are final.

Supercart provides realtime, open and accurate spot pricing at checkout so your customers or staff do not have to fumble around with conversions or swaps. The platform generates transactions for clients to sign which eliminates any kind of user input error. Slippage is zero because transactions are p2p and already in the desired token thus no swapping is needed.